Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Living and Working in Semi-Darkness

Okay, what's up with the electricity supply in this our great country, Nigeria? It has always been epileptic, to put it mildy. However, these last few months have seen the electricity supply go down to almost nil. Stretches of days pass by where we have no light. At best, PHCN will grace us with 15 minutes of electricity within a 24-hour period. WHY BOTHER? It makes me so angry.

One of my colleagues had to spend a day and a half queuing to buy diesel for our generator at work. Without the diesel, we would be totally at the mercy of PHCN and we all know that means that we would be spending the greater part (if not all) of our work day twiddling our thumbs.


Anonymous said...

Dont even begin any topic about NEPA/PHCN or whatever the're called. It makes my blood to boil!! Its just so annoying, especially when i hear the news on the radio and its like "Nigerian Govt is planning on increasing power supply to neighouring countries" like Ghana and the rest of them. Is it that is more profitable for them to do that or what?? I just cant understand the rationale. The effect of absence of power is so much felt now in these days of up to 37-39 degrees C!!


Livie said...

It's just like you know what was going on in my mind this morning!
It was chaotic just finding something to wear to work today what with almost all my clothes rumpled!
No electricity since yesterday and this is Abuja!You'd think things would be better!
Now I use candles cos the generator isn't functioning well.But can candles iron my clothes?
And yet they come to give me bills at home!arrrghhh!
Recently I saw a PHCN jeep carrying a white man and I wished I had a gun so I could shoot at their tyres!
I still do.

Uzo said...

Because of the poor state of the generating plants in Nigeria, a lot of the power distributed across the country is generated at the dams - Kanji etc. As the rains recede - with the dry season, there is little water to generate power. When the rainy season comes around and the water levels are high, there is more power.

Its a sad situation all round.

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Ore said...

Uzo, thanks for trying to put a logical face on this electricity craziness. It's most admirable, but we have dry season every year and things have not been this bad. There has to be some other reason.

Adunni said...

I agree with modupe. The stuff is so anoying. When i read that the govt was increasing power supply to Ghana, i was just pissed. Sometimes i think the govt are of the opinion that we the public are somewhat retarded. In my opinion the Nigerian Govt. has no business supplying power to any country since it cannot supply enough power to its citizens.
It makes me realse that the govt is only interested in window dressing. Like the proverbial saying A dara ni ita ma dara ni ile (someone who looks good on the outside but is totally rubish on the inside or at home).
Just yesterday i was watching TV and they were showing Yar'Adua's presidential campaign and the gall of the man went on and on about constant power and i just laughed.
Pray tell me How on earth is he planning to do that?

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olawande said...

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