Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Namesake

Angela blogged about the upcoming movie adaptation of the book The Namesake a while ago, but I just got around to watching the trailer. It's hard to tell from the trailer how true to the book the film will be (trailers always seem to feature the same swelling, melodramatic music and the plot - simple though it might be - is always so stirring). The film appears to be largely set in NYC, though the Ganguli family in the book lived in the Boston area. One change already, though possibly a minor one.

I loved the book and I think (hope) I will really enjoy this film, because it explores feelings of searching for your own identity, even though a cultural and social identity has already been ascribed to you. Can't wait!


uknaija said...

Loved the book as well for many of the same reasons that you articulate

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Morountodun said...

I really liked the book as it told the story of a second-generation immigrant growing up in the west and the conflict in faced trying to establish his own cultural identity when faced with the sometime dichotomy of his home life and that he faced with his friends (It could easily have been a Nigerian Guy! and not Indian). Looking forward to the film too.