Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Loving the Gym

I've made a habit of going to the gym now on workday evenings and I have to say that I am loving it. I typically don't like to be out after work, but for the gym, I am willing to rethink this. I get a high from working out and I enjoy the camaraderie borne out of pain that I share with fellow gymmers in Alona's body conditioning class or Elijah's unbelievably high-impact Step classes.

I went to check out the other gym in Eko Hotel with a friend. Very nice and plush but they are currently not accepting any new members. Okaaaay!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy working out, as well. I just got back from the gym and enjoyed my workout more than I have in quite some time. It was probably due to the fact that there was an in-house DJ today, as part of the kick-off to summer.

Working out after a day of work can be tough, at times. I try my best to go twice during the work week and twice over the weekend. I find that this schedule works quite well for me.


Ore said...

In-house DJ? Girl, where do you work out? I need to try it out. Oh wait, did you say "kick-off to summer"? I guess it can't be in Naija then.

Anonymous said...

It is not in Naija. It’s in the States. I will be back home before the end of August, God willing and will need to join a gym upon my return.

Youth Service awaits me....I am dreading it already! Hopefully, it won’t be too bad….


Ore said...

Okay, I thought so. There are quite a few gyms in Lagos, esp on the island. I'm sure you'll find something you like.

My NYSC year has been quite fun, though I wouldn't have believed that if you had told me this a year ago.

Beth said...

I view going to the gym everyday like brushing my teeth. I really need a good workout - both cardio and strength - to get through a busy day. And, the benefit is that I've lost a lot of weight!

My favorite is spinning - does your gym have that? Biking in a fixed bike in a group class. It burns like 500 calories.

Ore said...

Hi Beth,
I don't go everyday, but I need to go at least twice a week. I went last night and it was such a great workout.

We don't have spinning in my gym. I'm not sure if any gyms here in Lagos have that yet. But, yes, I have done spinning before and it was always such a fantastic workout.