Saturday, June 03, 2006

A-Z Meme

Oh no! Tagged by Pilgrimage to Self. Here are my answers:

Accent – I would say Nigerian
Booze – None really. Alcohol makes me sleepy.
Chore I hate – Ironing
Dogs/Cats – Definitely Devoted, Dutiful, Delightful, Doe-eyed Dogs!!!!!
Essential electronics – Laptop, iPod, Digital Camera
Favourite Perfume – For Her by Narcisso Rodriguez
Gold/Silver – Used to be silver. Now it's gold.
Hometown – Abeokuta really, but feels more like Lagos
Insomnia – Never
Job Title – Training Coordinator
Kids – Always wanted four. Now, I'm not so sure.
Living arrangements – Family home
Most admired trait – Mine??? You better ask people who know me well.
Number of sexual partners – LOL!!! Unimpressive.
Overnight hospital stays – None
Phobia – Peacocks, though I'm not sure that could be classified as a phobia. Unreasonable fear, perhaps.
Quote – "Do not follow where a path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Religion – Christian
Siblings – One brother and one sister
Time I usually awake – 6 am
Unusual talent – Not sure. Let me think about this.
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Pumpkin
Worst habit – Don't know about worst, but compulsively scratching my insect bites till they bleed and leave huge scars is pretty gross.
X-rays – Quite a few for the pre-requisite school medicals. Also had as part of annual physicals.
Yummy foods I make – Haven't cooked in a long while, but used to love to make sponge and rum cakes, fried rice, spicy pork chops, coconut rice and groundnut soup, puff puff, salmon and vegetables.
Zodiac sign – Proud Sagittarius


Nkem said...

I dig the quote - trailblazer. Sponge cake? Mmmhmm, yummy.

the flying monkeys said...

I like all your answers.

the flying monkeys said...

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Please, by all means, take a swing in the comments, too.